Phil Ackland Training LLC now offers Boston Fire Department’s Testing and Protocol for Certified Inspection and/or Cleaning of Commercial Hood and Ventilation Systems!

To download the Boston Fire Department’s Testing and Protocol PDF format – Click Here
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The Boston Fire Department along with Inspectional Services and the Health Department has established a criteria of conditions for Exhaust Vent Cleaners and Inspectors who wish to perform work in the City of Boston. These conditions are keeping within the guidelines of the City of Boston Ordinance to “establish requirements for the cleaning of commercial cooking hoods and ventilation systems”.

Phil Ackland Training LLC (PAT) has been approved to administer two certification tests, which meet the City of Boston Ordinance for certification of Commercial Hood and Ventilation Cleaners and Inspectors.

Phil Ackland Training LLC will be providing certification for the following two groups:
To download the Boston Application – Click Here

Boston Certified Cleaning Specialist (BCCS)

As of May 14, 2009 the City of Boston will require all companies or contractors engaged in either inspecting or cleaning commercial kitchen hood and ventilation systems have at least one person on the job site certified to City of Boston requirements.

When cleaning is taking place a Boston Certified Cleaning Specialist (BCCS) must be on site. When inspecting, a certified Boston Certified System Inspector (BCSI) shall be on site.

PAT Test Protocol Leading to Boston Certification

For certification that is recognized by the City of Boston, Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Cleaners and Inspectors are required to pass an examination based on National Fire Protection Association #96 Standard for Ventilation Control and Fire Protection of Commercial Cooking Operations 2004 Edition.

  • Separate tests will be administered for BCSI and BCCS classifications.
  • Certification tests are good for three years. All certified personnel are required to renew their certification every three (3) years and maintain City of Boston standards.
  • The closed book test will be taken on computer. Time limit three hours. The test will be on the 2014 NFPA #96 Standard.
  • The NFPA#96 Standard can be purchased at NFPA
  • The University of Massachusetts Boston administers tests in accordance with Americans with Disability Act (ADA).
Testing Location1

Phil Ackland Training LLC tests are available at:

University of Massachusetts Boston
Testing Center
Campus Center, UL-130
100 Morrissey Blvd
Boston MA 02125

Taking the Test
  • Once your payment has been processed, PAT will notify the Proctors office and provide clearance for you to take the test.
  • To make an appointment to take the test, email PAT at
  • Candidates must be present 10-15 minutes early for the test and bring in a picture ID (Driver’s License is preferred or worker’s ID)
  • The proctor will take note of their name and ID information for their files.
  • The Proctor will communicate with PAT
Testing Procedure

Once registered, the proctor will take the person into the computer room. At this time, the proctor will login. The proctor will be responsible for entering the password and ensuring the test is up and working.

The person will then proceed to take the test. One mark will be given for each correct answer. A question that is missed or not marked will be considered an incorrect answer.

Questions are “mixed” by the computer, so each test is different. Questions are multiple choice.

Once completed, the test and its results will be emailed to Phil Ackland Training LLC.

Results will be emailed or faxed to the Candidate in approximately 24 business hours of completion. If no fax or email is provided by the candidate, the results will be mailed within 14 days.

If a person fails the test they may retake it after one week for a fee of $50.00 per test payable to PAT.

Should the candidate fail the test a second time, they will have to wait 60 days before retaking and the fee will be $275.00 BCCS and $175.00 BCSI respectively. The price includes the first Proctor fee.

Pricing, terms and other qualifications are subject to change without notice.
See FAQ for more information.

Continuing Education

To avoid retesting every three years, an applicant can qualify for Recertification by continuing education. You are required to generate 6 over the three years after getting Boston Certified.

Phil Ackland Training requires each candidate’s successful participation in any of the following continuing educational programs over the three-year period after becoming Boston certified.

To gain credits for the programs below; the program must be accompanied by an acceptable final test.2

[dataTableGroup] [dataTableItem title=”Current Phil Ackland Certification*”]6 CEU’s[/dataTableItem] [dataTableItem title=”Attendance at related industry meeting3“]4 CEU’s[/dataTableItem] [dataTableItem title=”OSHA Safety training”]2 CEU’s[/dataTableItem] [dataTableItem title=”OSHA 8 Hour”]4 CEU’s[/dataTableItem] [dataTableItem title=”OSHA 10 Hour”]6 CEU’s[/dataTableItem] [dataTableItem title=”Listed Manufacturers Training”]2 CEU’s[/dataTableItem] [/dataTableGroup]

To qualify for CEU credits, the candidate must contact Phil Ackland Training LLC with proof of acceptable documentation of attendance, in writing, 60 days before the expiration of their certification.

*Phil Ackland Certification

Phil Ackland Certification has designed a special Boston/Massachusetts Endorsement. This area specific certification is the same as the present PAC, with additional educational material relating to the special needs of cleaners and inspectors in the Boston and Massachusetts area; such as understanding and using the “Deficiency Reports”, Bylaws and expectation levels of the AHJ in the area.

To complete PAC/Boston individuals will have to complete a Workbook and take a final, proctored test; which will include much more than only NFPA#96 Standards (which is all that is required of Boston as of this writing).

Boston Certified Cleaning Specialist (BCCS)

The following have passed the Boston Certified Cleaning Specialist (BCCS) Exam

The City of Boston requires all companies or contractors engaged in cleaning commercial kitchen hood and ventilation systems shall have at least one Boston certified person on the crew.
The test will be 90 questions. 70% correct answer pass rate is required.
The cost of the test will be $377.00 USD. The cost includes the fee for the Proctor.

Tips On Doing Your Best On The Tests

Cleaners need to study the NFPA 96 2014 edition closely, with special attention to chapters 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 11.3 thru 11.6.
Cleaning Inspectors need knowledge of the entire document. The “System Inspector” test is much more challenging.

Renewal of Phil Ackland Training Boston Certification

Certification is for three years. A candidate may recertify by repeating the testing procedure or by maintaining 6 accepted CEU’s as outlined above. In either case the 3 year renewal fee will be administered4.
PAT will notify candidates in writing 60 days prior to the expiration of their three-year certification.
PAT will communicate with the City of Boston to confirm currency of City required Registration is in place.
PAT will report those who do not recertify to the City of Boston Fire Department within 60 days of the expiration of their certification.

Additional Requirement From The City Of Boston
  • The City will require that all Cleaners or Inspectors fill out an additional Application for Registration for Certified Inspection and/or Cleaning of Commercial Hood and Ventilation Systems. This application is for one year only. There is a $25.00 fee. See Boston Website
  • As of May 14, 2009 all Cleaners and Inspectors will be required to fill out Boston Fire Departments Cleaning and Inspection of Commercial Hood and Ventilation System and Deficiency Reports (Deficiency Reports). See Boston Website
  • After cleaning or inspecting the commercial kitchen exhaust system a City approved “sticker” is mandatory. See Boston Website

IMPORTANT NOTE: These websites are being updated to reflect Phil Ackland Training’s involvement in the Boston Certification Program.

To download the Boston Fire Department’s Testing and Protocol PDF format – Click Here
To download the Boston Application – Click Here

1 Additional sites will be added in time.
2 A brief outline of the testing protocol and methodology must be submitted to PAT for approval prior to acceptance by PAT as CEU’s
3 PWNA, NFPA, IMC, ASHRAE, IKECA, NADCA, NAFED and similar industry related organizations.
4 Pricing subject to change without notice.