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Effective Jan. 2009 - New recertification price is $225.00
Training and Certification 5-Day Cleaner School
Phil Ackland Certification My Grade Book
Training and Certification
Years of research and consultation with fire inspectors, legislators, exhaust cleaners and insurance companies has resulted in Phil Ackland's Exhaust Cleaner Certification Protocol™.
Certification Chapter - Review
your own copy of our "Phil Ackland's Cleaning & Certification Manual's" Chapter 2 - dedicated to Certification. Visit Chapter 2's page.

View Chapter 2 here!

Effective Jan. 2009 - New recertification price is $225.00. Click here to download Re-Certification Form.

Effective April 15, 2009  - The Boston Fire Department is recognizing the Phil Ackland testing, per protocol and procedure requirements submitted to B.F.D. from Phil Ackland.

Effective September 1, 2010 - All Certification Test will be close book and Proctored.

Attention all Certification Distance Course Purchasers - there are requirements placed on your Certification Distance Course that you need to be aware of. Read about these new changes on Distance Course.

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Three Courses to Fit Your Needs
Phil Ackland Training offers educational training to cleaners as well as the inspectors, insurance agents, and fire investigators.

Cleaner Distance Course
The Distance Course is a combination correspondence course that can be completed on your own time and at your own pace. This course is for beginners and experienced cleaners alike with 500 Hours Job Experience.

5-Day Cleaner School
Our 5-Day School teaches you everything you will need to know about kitchen exhaust cleaning, from draping a hood to bidding and selling jobs! Perfect for people new to the business.
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2-Day Cleaner Seminar
Finally, our 2-Day Seminar is delivered through PWNA and is geared towards the experienced cleaner who just needs to brush up on NFPA 96 codes and take the certification test.
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