FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions

Find quick answers to common questions in the Kitchen Exhaust Industry. 

Do I have to join an association?

No. However, Phil Ackland Certification is recognized by PWNA.


Does Phil Ackland Certification expire?

Your certification is good for three years. This time period starts when the Exam is passed.

What happens when my Certification expires?

We will notify you by mail/fax/email of your upcoming expiration date. Once we receive your Renewal form and payment we will send you instructions on how to take your Renewal Quiz and any additional paperwork we may need.


What is required of the Company to get “Qualified”?

The Company has these requirements:

  • Designate a Company Rep This is the person of contact between our office and your company. He/she will be responsible for verifying and signing all paperwork for the company in regard to Crew Leader applications, as well as receiving all the documents coming from our office. This person can be the Company Owner, the Crew Leader getting certified or any other person employed by the Company.
  • Submit the cover sheet to the Company’s General Liability Insurance Policy. If you need assistance with this, please contact your Insurance Agent.
  • Provide a Federal ID Number
  • Provide a copy of the After Service Follow-up Report
  • Fill out and agree to the Company Qualifications Application Form (which includes agreeing to “The Pledge”)
What is required of a Crew Leader?

The Crew Leader has these requirements:

  • Fill out and agree to the Crew Leader Application Form (which includes the Pledge)
  • Complete a training course and a workbook.
  • Pass the Certification Test.
  • Attend 5-Day Training School or 500 hours Job Experience
Once I receive my Distance Course package, what is the time limit to complete the training?

6 Months.


Do I have to send in all my Crew Leader Applications at once?

No. Your Crew Leaders can apply one at a time or all at once. Also, Crew Leaders can go through the training and submit their paperwork as it is completed, or they can wait and hand it all in at once. Certification will not be granted until all appropriate paperwork has been received.

What if I run out of Crew Leader Certifications?

You can pay for additional Crew Leader Certifications by going on our website philacklandcleaning.com to distance courses or contact us by phone.


Can a Company Owner or Representative get Crew Leader Certification?

Yes. The Company Owner or Representative can go through the same process as the Crew Leaders, and will be granted Crew Leader Certification.

Do I have to be in business or have a company to purchase this Distance Certification Package?

No. You can purchase the Distance package and learn using the manuals. You can go through the workbook. Before you take the final exam your Company must provide its information to qualify. The student will need to find a local library or community college that offers proctored testing; from there, you will set up the time and the date and send us the information along with contact information for the facility. On the day of the test, we will email the facility the information to log you in to take the test.

If I have Crew Leader Certification and go to work for another company, am I still Phil Ackland Certified?

No. You would have to pay to change your Certification to the new Company. The “new” company must be qualified before we will recognize them. Once they are qualified your Certification will be valid again.

Do I have to prove I have done so many jobs?

Yes. Your qualified company representative will sign an Affidavit that you have 500 hours Job Experience.

If I do not have 500 hours Job Experience can I purchase the Distance Course package?

Yes. Form a Company, get your job experience and then get Certified

If I change companies does the 3 year duration of my Crew Leader Certification date change?

No. Your certification duration is tracked from the first time you were deemed to have passed the exam.

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