Five Day Manager/Owner’s Course

Get ready to get dirty. The Phil Ackland hands on kitchen hood cleaning school is recognized as one of the number one training programs in the world. The curriculum of the Phil Ackland 5 Day Kitchen Hood Cleaning School is designed to provide a well rounded introduction to starting a successful kitchen exhaust cleaning business. Get trained and certified by the most experienced and longest running kitchen exhaust cleaning school in the world. *

Phil Ackland 5 Day Kitchen Hood Cleaning School will:

  • Introduce the various components of a commercial kitchen exhaust system
  • Review NFPA #96 and Local Fire Codes as they relate to kitchen hood cleaning.
  • Identify major worker safety issues and how to avoid them.
  • Understand the insurance requirements for a kitchen exhaust cleaning businesses
  • Address major deficiencies that impact your ability to access and clean a kitchen exhaust system and show you how to report them.
  • Learn to successfully sell and market your kitchen exhaust hood cleaning business.
  • Describe how to build a solid working relationship with local fire departments and other inspectors.
  • Show you how to protect your kitchen hood cleaning business from potential liability by maintaining accurate records.
  • Discuss how to build a database to manage customer relationships and increase the value of your new kitchen hood cleaning business.
  • Teach you how to train your crew to clean a kitchen exhaust hoods to the NFPA-96 standard, so you can expand your business rapidly and make even more money.
  • Explain what types of kitchen hood cleaning jobs you want to go after and which you want to avoid and why.
  • Help you create an opening business strategy, so you can start making money as a kitchen hood cleaner as soon as possible.
  • Learn how to maximize your earning potential with add-on services.

Students in the Phil Ackland 5 Day Kitchen Hood Cleaning School visit actual job sites and get hands-on practice.

  • Inspect actual kitchen exhaust systems and identify potential issues.
  • Tarp a kitchen exhaust hood to prepare it for cleaning.
  • Mix chemicals on real job sites.
  • Apply chemicals to kitchen hoods and ducts using foamers and pump up sprayers.
  • Scrape grease buildup from exhaust hoods and ducts.
  • Pressure wash an actual kitchen exhaust hood system to make it NFPA-96 compliant.
  • Dispose of wastewater in an environmentally responsible manner.
  • Store and transport chemicals.
  • Maintain a pressure washer and other cleaning equipment.
  • Install UL Listed access panel, and see various hinge kits and grease containment systems.
  • See how several commercial kitchen hood cleaning trucks are set up and organized to maximize space.

We will get you dirty! Research has proven that hands-on training is the most effective method for learning a new skill. Auditory and visual learners can learn from watching our expert trainers clean a kitchen exhaust system. Kinesthetic learners will have opportunities to practice the skills they need to clean a kitchen exhaust system efficiently. Practice builds confidence. Hands-on training will allow you to make mistakes and experiment in a low risk environment. When it comes time to perform on an actual job site, you will be ready.

Sign Up For the 5 Day Manager/Owners Course

When you register for the Phil Ackland 5 Day Kitchen Hood Cleaning School you will receive:

  • Phil Ackland’s Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning and Certification Manual.
  • Phil Ackland’s Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Systems – Sales and Marketing Manual.
  • Two DVD’s (New Worker Certification, Crew Leader Certification).
  • A copy of the latest edition of NFPA #96 Standard.
  • A Course Workbook (to help study for the Certification Test)
  • Specially designed forms and documents to aid you in all aspects of the commercial kitchen hood cleaning field.
  • Hotel stay for duration of the course

Students who attend the Phil Ackland 5 Day Kitchen Hood Cleaning School earn certification that is internationally recognized and respected.

The proctored closed book test is specially designed to evaluate your knowledge of practical cleaning issues, and the NFPA 96 standards. The Phil Ackland Cleaner Certification Protocol provides more than just a test. It also validates you as being “trained and qualified”. Many kitchen hood cleaning schools teach students based on the NFPA 96: STANDARD FOR VENTILATION CONTROL AND FIRE PROTECTION OF COMMERCIAL COOKING OPERATIONS, but no other school is more recognized than the Phil Ackland 5 Day Kitchen Hood Cleaning School. The Phil Ackland Certification is respected by fire inspectors, restaurant managers, property owners, and city leaders all across the United States and Canada. Phil Ackland Certification will help you start new professional relationships that will open new doors for your business.

The certification test is included in the price of the course, and no membership fees are required to maintain your certification. You owe it to yourself to get the best start you possibly can.

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