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Become a Certified Kitchen Exhaust Cleaner in as little as 5 days! The Phil Ackland Kitchen Hood Cleaning School will provide you with on the job experience cleaning kitchen exhaust systems. Learn to clean kitchen exhaust systems with the latest and most effective equipment, tools and accessories available.

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Our Phil Ackland training program can help you get your new Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning business started on a path of long term success!

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Getting your employees certified to clean kitchen exhaust is one of the best investments you can make in your business.

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Certification is respected by fire inspectors, restaurant managers, property owners, and city leaders all across the USA and Canada.

Certified Kitchen Hood Cleaners are in High Demand!

By law, all restaurants in the United States and Canada must have their kitchen exhaust systems cleaned on a regular schedule. Grease buildup inside of a commercial kitchen exhaust system must be removed to prevent fires. Restaurant owners and managers understand that kitchen hood cleaning is government mandated and enforced by local fire inspectors as well as the insurance companies.

Every Kitchen Hood Cleaning School is NOT the Same

The Phil Ackland Kitchen Hood Cleaning School curriculum is based on the NFPA-96 standard. You will learn to clean commercial kitchen exhaust hoods so that they are in compliance with the laws and regulations for your jurisdiction. Restaurant owners and managers know that they must have their kitchen exhaust hood systems cleaned, but they often don’t know that the kitchen hood cleanings must be done regularly to stay in compliance with the law.

You can use your knowledge of the NFPA 96: STANDARD FOR VENTILATION CONTROL AND FIRE PROTECTION OF COMMERCIAL COOKING OPERATIONS to educate your customers. This can be a powerful selling tool!

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