Employee Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning Certification

Getting your employees certified to clean kitchen exhaust is one of the best investments you can make in your business. Creating a culture of growth and opportunity in your company will attract employees who are trustworthy, high-energy, and cooperative. Investing in your employees will improve morale when they see that you care enough to help them better themselves. Employee retention rates will improve if they believe that there is a chance for them to increase their earning potential. Overtime your brand will gain notoriety as a place where employees are empowered. This will decrease your turnover rate, and increase your brand appeal to employees and potential customers. Making an investment in your employees will ultimately boost your bottom line and make your business more sustainable.

Phil Ackland Certified kitchen exhaust hood cleaning crew leaders will set you apart from the competition!

More and more Fire Inspectors and Insurance Companies are requiring that Exhaust Cleaners have recognized training and acceptable qualifications. The Phil Ackland Kitchen Hood Cleaning School is recognized as one of the number one training programs in the world.

Upon completion of the Phil Ackland Kitchen Hood Cleaning Program, your employees will:

  • Understand the importance of cleaning the entire exhaust system to NFPA #96 Cleaning Standards.
  • Understand the NFPA #96 Standards that relate to cleaning and access
  • Recognize the various components of the exhaust system
  • Be able to safely work around fixed pipe fire suppression systems
  • Recognize major worker safety issues
  • Install UL Listed access panels, hinge kits and rooftop grease containment systems
  • Be able to report major deficiencies in the exhaust system
  • Safely operate a pressure washer
  • Use various relevant tools
  • Be prepared for the Certification Test

Completion of this Training provides Certified Crew Leaders with the knowledge and understanding of their responsibilities when cleaning kitchen exhaust systems.

Any Phil Ackland Qualified Company can train Phil Ackland Certified Employees

The Company has these requirements:

  • Designate a Company Rep. This is the person of contact between our office and your company. He/she will be responsible for verifying and signing all paperwork for the company in regard to Crew Leader applications, as well as receiving all the documents coming from our office. This person can be the Company Owner, the Crew Leader getting certified or any other person employed by the Company.
  • Submit the cover sheet to the Company’s General Liability Insurance Policy. If you need assistance with this, please contact your Insurance Agent.
  • Federal ID / GST
  • Blank After-Service Report
  • Fill out and agree to the Company Qualifications Application Form (which includes agreeing to “The Pledge”)

Phil Ackland offers flexible distance learning programs.

  • Your employees can learn at their own pace.
  • No lost revenue from employees missing work for travel.
  • No added expense of travel to training seminars.
  • Phil Ackland is recognized by the AHJs!
  • Convenient online exams are closed book and proctored at a nearby location so you know that employees have mastered the material.

The Phil Ackland Distance Certification Package ensures that all those who are Phil Ackland Certified have received the same consistent level of training.