The Phil Ackland School Offers Hand-On Training

When you attend our five day hands on course you will visit actual job sites, and solve real world problems. Research has proven that hands-on training is the most effective method for learning a new skill. Auditory and visual learners can learn from watching our expert trainers clean a kitchen exhaust system. Kinesthetic learners will have opportunities to practice the skills they need to clean a kitchen exhaust system efficiently. Practice builds confidence. Hands-on training will allow you to make mistakes and experiment in a low risk environment. When it comes time to perform on an actual job site, you will be ready.

You will learn how to run a kitchen exhaust cleaning business from real business leaders.

There are some lessons that can only be learned through experience, or by listening to the experience of others.

  • What types of jobs you want to go after and which you want to avoid and why
  • Seasonal considerations
  • Telephone sales
  • Recognizing when to close the deal.
  • How to create an opening business strategy, so you can start making money as soon as possible.
  • How to earn extra money with add-on services.

Michael Tessaro will be your instructor. He has been the owner operator of Centex since 1987.

We have Small Class Sizes

Small class sizes allow for more individualized attention and flexibility to use different instructional approaches. Small group settings also ensure that we have plenty of time to cover all of the material you will need to study for the kitchen exhaust hood cleaning certification test. Small crews on jobsites are necessary to ensure our hands-on training approach is successful. Small class sizes create a learning environment where every student can receive personalized attention.

We teach you how to run a successful kitchen exhaust cleaning business, not just how to clean an exhaust system.

Starting a kitchen exhaust hood cleaning business will require more than just cleaning skills. Understanding the rules for legal compliance is just the first step. Phil Ackland Kitchen Hood Cleaning School will help you take the next step to get you on the path to success. You will learn to successfully sell and market your kitchen exhaust cleaning business. We will teach you how build a solid working relationship with local fire departments and other inspectors. We will show you how to maintain accurate records to protect you kitchen exhust cleaning business from potential liability. We will show you how to build a database manage customer relationships and increase the value of your new kitchen exhaust cleaning business.  The curriculum of the Phil Ackland Kitchen Hood Cleaning School is designed to provide a well rounded introduction to starting a successful kitchen exhaust cleaning business.

Learn to Clean Kitchen Exhaust Hood Systems Using Professional Cleaning Tools

Learning to work more efficiently will make you kitchen exhaust hood cleaning business more profitable. Professional pressure washing equipment combined with professional cleaning chemicals will make your task much easier. At the Phil Ackland Kitchen Hood Cleaning School you will have a chance to use the tools preferred by most cleaning professionals and learn the proper technique to optimize your performance.

Earn a Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning Certification that is Internationally Recognized

Many schools teach students based on the NFPA 96: STANDARD FOR VENTILATION CONTROL AND FIRE PROTECTION OF COMMERCIAL COOKING OPERATIONS, but no other school is more recognized than Phil Ackland. The Phil Ackland Certification is respected by fire inspectors, restaurant managers, property owners, and city leaders all across the United States and Canada. Phil Ackland Certification will help you start new professional relationships that will open new doors for your business.